GameTale is a new two day game-focused event. Similar to a game jam, participants gather to develop a videogame, a board game or a card game. However, the game will be not based on a general theme. Instead, we will offer a series of objects, like pieces of a story. Participants will be required to choose one of those objects as a base for their game. As the game develops around those specific objects, it will also uncover a narrative.

The Objects are virtual or physical reproductions of museum artefacts, such as weapons, fossils, statues, pieces of furniture etc. During the event, we will provide 3D models as well as 3D printed copies of the objects.

Registration is open till 30 September, while the museum objects will be revealed at the beginning of October 2017.




Participants of GT, or “GameTellers“, are encouraged to experiment and be creative, using different tools and media. We welcome participants of all skills levels and from various fields: students, game developers, museum professionals, artists, designers, communication professionals, writers and so on.

GameTellers will organise in teams and make game prototypes during a two days event (29 to 30 of May 2016) hosted by the University of Bath. At the end of GameTale, the demos will be published online. Moreover, the demos will be showcased to the public during a special event the 31 of May.